Meeting Days are on Thursday ...usually... except as noted below*

2021 Educational Meeting Schedule

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the 2021 schedule is subject to change

Thursday  January 14, 2021 Afternoon 3:00-5:00 PM   

Live Virtual Online

Meeting Sponsor:   

 March, Virtual, 2 Cr.

Date TBD

May, Virtual, 2 Cr. 

Date TBD

June Webinar - 1 Cr.

Date TBD

August Webinar - 1 Cr.

Date TBD

September Treasury Symposium, 6-7 Cr. 

Full day, in-person, hopefully,

Location, Date TBD

November - in-person, 2 Cr. 

Location, Date TBD

2021 Meeting Fees   

To be determined

GLAFP Annual Membership - 2021      75.00
Educational Meetings                                
January Afternoon Virtual Meeting              50.00          75.00
March Afternoon Virtual Meeting 50.00 


May Afternoon Virtual Meeting 50.00  75.00
June  1 Cr. Webinar, noon-1 PM      25.00              50.00
August   1 Cr. Webinar, noon-1 PM 25.00  50.00
September Symposium- Full DayTBD TBD 
November - Afternoon Meeting 50.00 


The Great Lakes AFP may have photographs taken at GLAFP events

and may reproduce them in GLAFP educational, news, or promotional material,

whether in print, electronic or other media, including the GLAFP website.

By participating in GLAFP events, you grant GLAFP the right

to use your name, photograph, and biography for such purposes.

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